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For e-shops

We can provide you with e-commerce services that are vital to successful delivery
of your goods and customer satisfaction. You can focus on increasing sales.

How does it all work?

  • We will collect the parcel directly from your place​ in order​ to save​ your ​ time.
  • We will send the recipient a text message with estimated delivery time and cost as well as the possibility to forward the parcel to a Geis collection point and collect it at a time which is convenient for them.
  • We will usually deliver the shipment on the next working day (in case we fail to reach the recipient we will attempt re-delivery the following day).
  • On the day of delivery we will contact the recipient. Our driver will call the recipient to arrange the time of delivery. The time and duration of all calls is monitored.
  • Your customer can track the shipment in real time (Tracking and Tracing).
  • Delivery confirmation for all shipments is available on our website as soon as the shipment has been delivered.
  • For COD shipments, the payment is sent to a bank account within 7 working days from the delivery date.
  • The recipient can pay by debit or credit card (including contactless cards).
  • We have created an internet application for shipping goods, so you can easily arrange transport from your office or warehouse.
  • The option to pick up your parcel at a Geis Point can be found directly in your e-shop basket. Do you want to learn more? Contact us.

We will also provide you with warehouse and logistics services

Logistics can place a burden on your e-commerce business. Pass the responsibility on to us, from parcel collection to delivery. We work professionally and you can rely on us.

  • We will deliver goods from domestic and international suppliers directly to you. Leave customs clearance to us.
  • We will arrange a complete warehouse service, which means unloading and collection of goods, administrative services, sorting and final storage. Thanks to us you can take advantage of a modern warehouse management system.
  • We will pack your goods and insert leaflets, vouchers and instruction manuals according to your requirements. We will add labels, prepare kits and help prepare special retail packs. We will print receipts, invoices and we will also take care of the processing of returned goods. For all your customers´needs.

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