Geis introduces students to logistics

Geis, a specialist in transport and warehouse logistics, has been working intensively with students and various student organisations for several years.

The aim is to familiarize students with the field of logistics, to introduce practices and trends, as well as to try to educate future employees. Through this cooperation, the company also aims to positively influence the quality of education in the field of transport and warehouse logistics.

Monika Švecová, HR manažérka Geis SK

The logistics provider's cooperation with schools and their students is truly extensive. As Monika Švecová, HR Manager at Geis SK, says: "Over time, our activities in this area have expanded significantly. The feedback from students and schools has been so positive that we are even getting to know primary school pupils and showing them what is actually involved in logistics. There are already so many of these activities that we naturally do it in our spare time, .... but it's definitely worth it."

Students are most often exposed to the day-to-day operations through excursions directly to Geis branch offices. Students and their questions are addressed by HR managers, branch managers and the company's proxy.

Every school year, 5-6 high school students from Zvolen and Banská Bystrica regularly join Geis for work experience. The students are mainly involved in administrative activities (checking delivery documentation, monitoring the satisfaction of recipients, etc.). It happens that the students find interesting the possibilities to work in Geis and after school they start working in the departments where they have completed their student practice. "Sometimes it happens that we get a thank-you letter directly from the scŠtudenti na exkurzii v Geishool principal. They appreciate what we do for their students, they thank us and are happy that we are helping young people. They say they don't have many opportunities to get relevant work experience," says Švecová.

Thanks to Geis' connection to the Školáci v práci INAK project, primary school pupils were able to try out different company positions for a day. Those that require primary education, those that require secondary education, and finally places where they need a university degree. The goal is to show them how important education is to their lives.

In the Zvolen region, Geis also supports Konekt - a counselling centre for young people and Heuréka - a leisure centre for young people. The company regularly supports their events, informs students and shares its activities with them.  

The company also tries to keep in touch with university students studying in the relevant field. Geis Sales Director Dušan Vilhan lectured to students at the Faculty of Operations and Economics of Transport and Communications of the University of Žilina. Geis employees sometimes consult and help students with their bachelor's and master's theses. After successful completion of their studies, if they show interest, Geis tries to secure a suitable job for them.

On the initiative of Professor Verba from the grammar school in Prešov, the GEIS staff organized a collection of English books among themselves. These were then donated to the professor and his students, who use them in the Čítaním k snívaniu project. The whole initiative has had a wonderful response from both the students and the professor.

Thanks to the students of the IT Secondary Vocational School in Banská Bystrica, Geis delivered the gifts to the Úsmev ako dar Foundation. The students handed over the company's gifts directly to the charity.


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