International Parcel Transport

Do you need to send a shipment abroad? No problem.

Order Parcel Transport

Use our international transport network.

We deliver to business and private addresses.
The option of customs clearance for export based on granted power of attorney goes without saying.

Dispatching with us is simple.

Our customer applications for the dispatch of shipments and technical support are freely available to you.

What shipments you can send problem-free:

  • One crate = one shipment
  • Max. shipment weight 50 kg 2x height + 2x width + length < 3 m

For individual dimensions, the following applies:

  • max. width 80 cm / min. width 11 cm
  • max. height 60 cm / min. height 1 cm
  • max. length 200 cm / min. length 15 cm


Services that are already included in the transport price:

  • We pick up shipments directly from the sender, or at the address that the sender gives.
  • If you state the consignee’s e-mail, we will send him notification of shipment delivery.
  • We send the consignee SMS notification - information about acceptance of his shipment for transport. The message contains basic information about the sender, the shipment number and the cash on delivery amount (if the goods are cash on delivery). The service is available only in selected countries.
  • We deliver your shipment next business day to neighbour countries.
  • We recommend “door to door” delivery, which means to the consignee’s first lockable door.
  • You and the consignee can track the route of your shipment in real time (Tracking &Tracing).
  • We store proof of delivery of each shipment on our server (service available only in selected countries).
  • We guarantee each shipment max. of up 550€.
  • You receive a regular (daily, weekly, monthly) report of all delivered and undelivered shipments from us.

Additional services

  • We ensure cash on delivery (COD) to the territory of selected countries with the transfer of collected cash within 7 working days (to the account in the given country or by transfer to the Slovak Republic).

  • We arrange additional shipment insurance for you over the limit of 2 500€

  • We provide return transport (of returned goods) from the consignee to you or to the address that you enter.

  • Delivery of goods from abroad to your company will be under our control.
    Do not rely on the supplier to ensure the transport of goods on time. Have your costs under control. Order the transport from us. You only need to tell us the country and amount of goods to be collected, and we will deliver them to your company.

    Contact our export/import department for more details at, or

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We also offer pallet transport

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