Full Load Transport

Is your shipment heavier than 2500 kg? Are your goods of large volume?
Use our full truck load or less than truck load transport.

We provide full truck load transports as part of national and international transport.

Direct full truck load transports (FTL - Full Truck Load) are suitable for pallet and non-pallet shipments. We select a vehicle for you whose capacity will meet the dimensions and weight of your shipments.

If your pallet or non-pallet shipment does not fill the capacity of the entire vehicle, we arrange i.e. LTL - Less than Truck Load) transport.

Basic full load services

  • We pick up and deliver shipments precisely according to the principal’s requirements.
  • We arrange ADR transport.
  • If the nature of the goods so requires, we arrange temperature-controlled transport.
  • We keep Intrastat records within the EU. 
  • We arrange all customs services for shipments outside the EU.

We arrange full truck load transports and less than truck load transport, for imports and exports, throughout Europe, using our own trucks and those of our contractual partners.

Do you need more information? Contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Special Transport Solutions

We combine to benefit you.
We can prepare transport solutions directly “tailored” to meet your needs and above all in order to minimise transport costs and flow of goods.

How do we do this?

We combine our products, i.e. full truck load, less than truck load, system transport of crate and pallet shipments.

Enter the parameters of your transports and we will prepare such a solution that will most suit your economic and deadline needs.

The result may, for example, be a cross-dock service which we also offer as part of this type of transport.

Information service

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