Welcome to Geis Group

We are an international logistics company based in Bad Neustadt, Germany. We have been operating in Slovak since 2006 and we are one of the leading suppliers of comprehensive transport and logistics services. Choose what you really need.

You can use a single product or multiple products and combine them in a way that suits you. From simple transport solutions to complex logistics projects. The choice of service is up to you. How to achieve excellence in comprehensive services?

We are able to effectively use the benefits of synergy within the group to your advantage. Thanks to our know-how and the access to the international network we are able to provide high quality services ‘from a single source’.

We will provide:

We offer a wide range of services that we are constantly developing and extending.
We are committed to continuous improvement.

Your needs inspire us to search for new solutions. We combine our knowledge and experience with modern logistics trends.
We strive to ensure that our equipment, software and systems are always at the cutting edge of technology.
We make sure that our employees have good working conditions and opportunities for professional development.

All orders in Slovakia are processed by more than 230 specialists in 7 branches and specialized logistics departments.

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