International pallet transport

We offer a highly effective system of transport for your
individual and pallet consignments all around Europe.

Order pallet transport

Owing to our direct access to the international transport networks along with a number of domestic distribution centers and branches we are able to specify the time of transport and thus ensure high quality delivery.

What are the shipment weight and size restrictions:

  • The system is designed for shipments weighing from 50 to 2500 kg.
  • The maximum volume of one shipment is 10 m³, or 5 standard size pallets
  • The shipment may consist of several pieces (collies)
  • The maximum weight of 1 piece is 200 kg
  • The maximum height of one piece is 220 cm

If the shipment exceeds these parameters, you may want to use another service, e.g. partial load or full load transport. We can advise you on the most suitable transport solution.

Some shipments are considered non-standard in terms of size, so we have to´unify ´them. For this purpose we use the so-called adjustment of the volume of the shipment 1 m³ = 250 kg or we calculate the shipping weight per loading meter: the size of the surface of the consignment divided by 2.4

(1 loading meter = 1 m trailer length with width of 2,4m).

Our applications for sending parcels and technical support are available to all our customers free of charge.

Basic services included in cost of transport:

  • Shipment pick-up directly from the sender or at your preferred address.
  • If you enter your customer’s email address, they will be sent a delivery notification.
  • We provide ‘Door-to-door’ parcel delivery.
  • We hold responsibility for consignments in accordance with the CMR Convention.
  • Thanks to the T&T system you are able to monitor the status of your shipment.
  • Delivery confirmation will be written on our server (only for selected countries).
  • We will prepare your shipment statistics with all the necessary details.
  • If we fail to reach the customer at the given address, we will attempt re-delivery the following working day ( for selected countries only).
  • We will provide a customer application for shipping goods

Additional services:

  • Text message notification - we will notify you that we have collected your shipment (for selected countries only).
  • We will arrange cash-on-delivery (COD) transport.
  • We will provide return transport of goods (consignment return) from the recipient back to you.
  • We will arrange full customs clearance service for shipments outside EU.
  • We will arrange Instrastat for shipments from/to EU.
  • On the day of delivery the recipient will be notified of the delivery time by phone. The driver will contact the recipient ( for selected countries only).
  • We send the consignee information that we have picked up his shipment from you (the service is available only in selected countries).

  • We deliver the cash on delivery shipment (the service is available only in selected countries).

  • We provide return transport (of returned goods) from the consignee to you or to the address that you enter.

  • We arrange all customs services for shipments from/to countries outside the EU.
    We use Intrastat to process shipments from/to EU countries.

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Is your shipment heavier than 2500 kg?

Use our full truck load or less than truck load transport.

We also offer Full Load Transport