Outsourcing of pallet export

Fast, reliable and cost-effective transportation of goods across borders is essential to the successful operation of internationally operating manufacturing and trading companies.

Nobody wants to wait for goods for a long time, nobody wants to pay unnecessarily exorbitant prices for shipping. The turbulent covid years have shown that it is advantageous to choose a specialised company for cross-border pallet shipments, which benefits from a strong background and wide capacities. This is because it ultimately saves customers significant costs.

Price and time. Two basic parameters that are important for companies when transporting their pallets across borders. Why do specialist companies have these gauges in tVývoz paliethe vast majority of cases better than when a company arranges its own transport abroad? The answer is quite simple. A logistics provider has a large distribution network, so can better optimize routes. Geis, for example, has a large number of branches and transshipment points throughout Europe. By spreading the costs, it can offer interesting transport prices and carry out the transport very quickly. It regularly travels to more than 30 European cities, most of them on a daily basis.

By outsourcing international pallet transportation, companies also avoid one-off investments in technology, premises or equipment. This capital can then be used elsewhere. In addition, the logistics service provider has knowledge and experience in the field, and is familiar with the rules, laws, regulations, and customs in a wide variety of countries. This is especially appreciated by companies that want to expand smoothly and seamlessly into the international market.

IntralogistiIng. Rastislav Čarnogurský, riaditeľ medzinárodných prepráv Geis SKcs solutions also contribute to the speed of international pallet transport for large providers. Long-term experience with material flow within warehouses, high-quality handling technology and personnel background speed up the whole process.

But it's not only the financial and time aspects that play a role. Customers often demand outsourcing also because they need to free their hands and focus on their core competencies, their core business. "They don't have to deal with the fleet, the administration associated with cross-border transport, staff, fluctuations in demand, etc. They address their current business needs and don't make unnecessary investments that may be lacking elsewhere," explains Rastislav Čarnogurský, Director of International Transport at Geis SK.

However, it is essential to choose a logistics partner that the company can rely on and trust. Geis has relied on a personal relationship with its clients since the beginning of its presence on the Slovak market. Čarnogurský adds: "This is the only way we get to know our clients well, find out what they need and are able to create a tailor-made offer for them. For example, the export price list is individualised, taking into account all aspects, and the customer knows what to expect." All the benefits of outsourcing should then lead to increased end customer satisfaction as a result.



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