Pallet delivery B2C

Pallet delivery to a residential address (B2C)

Do you need to arrange home delivery or delivery to a place without fixed working hours? We can ensure smooth delivery in accordance with your requirements.

What services are included in the cost of delivery to a residential address?

  • Parcel pick-up directly from your place or your chosen delivery address.
  • We will send a text message with pick-up shipment notification. The message contains basic information about the sender, the tracking number and the due amount (in case of cash-on-delivery).
  • We provide ‘Door-to-door’ parcel delivery
  • Responsibility for each shipment not exceeding 16 600€ ( additional insurance available).
  • We will prepare statistics concerning your shipments with all the details.
  • If you provide the recipient’s e-mail, they will be notified of their parcel delivery, tracking number and the due amount (in case of cash-on-delivery).
  • On the day of delivery the recipient will be notified of the delivery time by phone. The driver will call the recipient no later than 2 hours before delivery (from 7.30 a.m. onwards)
  • If we fail to reach your customer at the given address, we will attempt re-delivery the following working day.
  • You can trace your shipmentl in real time (Tracking and Tracing).
  • Proof of delivery shipment will be available on the Internet.
  • We will provide a customer application for shipping goods.

Additional services

Assisted delivery

  • We will deliver the parcel at the recipient’ s preferred delivery address (e.g a flat, an office, a garage etc.)
  • The driver delivers the consignment using lifting equipment (forklift trucks, two-wheeled carts) but please be prepared to assist the driver if the nature of the consignment requires that.
  • We will remove the packaging material free of charge.
  • We provide cash-on -delivery (COD). We will collect the money from the recipient and send it to your bank account within 7 working days.
  • We will exchange full pallets for empty ones when transporting returned shipments.
  • We will provide return transport of goods (consignment return) from the recipient back to you.
  • We will arrange return of EUR-pallets and ½ pallets. We will keep a record of your pallet orders.

What parcels are eligible for Assisted delivery?

The maximum weight of an item ( a product, an appliance etc.) is 100 kg and should be comfortably carried by two people.

What to do with your old appliance?

An additional service to shipment delivery to a residential address is Appliance removal. This service is only provided in conjunction with the standard delivery service to a residential address as well as with Assisted delivery.

How does it work?

Assisted by the recipient, the driver will load and take away one old appliance that has the same features or is similar to the one he has just delivered.

What are the weight limits for the Appliance removal service?

  • The maximum weight of an item is 100 kg and should be comfortably carried by two people.
  • The appliance has been disconnected from power supply, water supply and waste pipe and is ready to be removed.
  • Refrigerators and freezers ought to be defrosted and dry.
  • Water should be removed from washing machines and dishwashers
  • We only dispose of appliances which are fully assembled and complete( e.g. with the motor).

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