Remote Access

Remote assistance for Geis Group clients via remote access to desktop.

If you have a problem with Geis application, you can use a client to remotely access your desktop in agreement with Geis Technical Support. This will speed up the solution to your request and allow technical support to test the application's behavior in your environment.

Client for remote access

Remote communication is secured during remote connection. To use the remote access client is not necessary to install anything, just use the normal user access. When client is started, it automatically generates access ID and password. The password is generated for each other connection, after the remote access client closes, client reconnection is not possible without user knowledge. It is therefore a completely safe way.

The company Geis uses TeamViewer® product for access. Client running on the user side does not require license ownership of this product.For safety information, visit the manufacturer's website here.

By using the access client, the user agrees to the TeamViewer License Terms and with the access of Geis Technical Support to their computer to provide support for the Geis Group software products.

  • If a security alert appears after startup, allow application to run by clicking the Run button or eventually Enable or Continue.

    Then, provide technical support code Your ID and Password.
    For screen preview of the client with the login information, click here.