Typhoon in Asia


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15. 9. 2021

Typhoon "Chanthu" diverted from the Chinese coast to the north of Japan. The ports of Ningbo and Shanghai are fully operational again from 12 noon. There is a delay of several hours in the release and receipt of containers at the terminals compared to normal.
Traffic jams are forming in these areas.

14. 9. 2021

After the typhoon "In-fa", which struck on the east coast of Zhejiang on 26 and 27 July 2021, another typhoon "Canthu" comes and causes complications in Taiwan, the Philippines and China. The busiest ports and airports in Shanghai and Ningbo are the most affected. Ports and airports are closed from 12.9.2021. Re-commissioning could take place on 15.9.2021. This situation will have a direct impact on shipment delays and further disruption of supply chains.



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